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Canary Islands

Canary Islands

Lanzarote and Tenerife are two unique and beautiful islands in the Canary Islands which are located off the African coast near Morocco and are actually a part of Spain. A wonderful group of islands are known as a delightful holiday destination.


The largest island of the chain is Tenerife. A holiday on this island will offer a diverse combination of activities. The visitor may enjoy spending a quiet time at a lovely restort at Puerto de la Cruz, or stay in Play de Las Americas with the noisy nightlife and busy bars. There is something for everyone including the families as well as couples. The scenery of Tenerife offers beaches and mountains, the largest peak being the dormant volcano of Mount Teide. The children will especially enjoy the Water Kingdom theme park of Siam Park. There are also banana plantations, bougainvillea, and flowers and trees growing abundantly. Tours are offered on the island to visit the different attractions and they include a breathtaking trip up and down Mount Teide. This island is known also as the Island of Eternal Spring and a visit here any time of the year will prove this.


Another island in the Canaries that is very different from Tenerife is Lanzarote. Tenerife and Lanzarote holidays are both fun and can even be combined on one trip. There is excellent airline service between the different islands of the Canaries to make this possible.


The landscape of Lanzarote is very different compared to if going on Tenerife holidays. This island is the closet to Africa being only 60 miles away. This is a popular destination and is considered to have the best sandy beaches of all of the islands. For the first-time visitor, it is an amazing contrast to the flowers of Tenerife. Lanzarote has a lunar landscape within the island where grapes are grown, in addition to the beaches along the coast. The capital city of Arrecife has a striking look with the cities’ buildings being white against a dark landscape. Accommodation in Lanzarote offers more villas and apartments than hotels, but no matter which is chosen, there is much to see and do. Tours are offered around the island, including a camel ride, and the evening can be filled with a casual nightlife. There are sporting facilities available for both extensive water sports and inland sports as well.


Whether Tenerife or Lanzarote are chosen, or even both, the traveler will come home and be ready to plan future visits to the Canary Islands, possibly trying Gran Canaria holidays their next time around.


Amy Scott has over 15 years experience in the travel industry. She loves the Mediterranean and North Africa and especially likes to write about holidays to Majorca and Sharm El Sheik.

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