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Casa Don Diego Restaurant In Chula Vista

Casa Don Diego Restaurant In Chula Vista
Okay I just got done eating at the Casa Don Diego Restaurant in Chula Vista which is a Mexican Restaurant. Also I wanted to mention that I liked the drive up here also. Going south through San Diego on the I-5 freeway is lots of fun and definitely not boring. Im a student at National University and am attending their South Bay Campus. The restaurant and the school are both only about 8 miles from the border.
This is located where 3rd Avenue crosses Oxford Ave right by the down town area. I didnt realize until today that there are certain parts of Downtown Chula Vista on 3rd Avenue that have parking meters, the old school type that you have to stick quarters in. If you are in South Bay, just remember just about everything seems to be happening on Broadway, 3rd Avenue and Palomar Street. Im sure there are some areas I missed but these are the highlights. In fact I might even review more restaurants and note the good and the bad, why not if youre anywhere in San Diego County could help you a bit.
Going back to the food at Casa Don Diego, I had a small Chorizo plate for only $ 6.95 and paid $ 2.20 for some unsweetened Iced Tea. Im writing because I found a place out here I seem to be particularly fond of. They only serve Mexican Food at this place, but thats okay with me. On this same plate I got Chorizo, 3 Corn Tortillas (I could have chose flower as a substitute), Rice, Beans and all the chips you could eat. They gave me 2 plates of those plus some Red & Green hot sauce. Plus they gave me a bowl of pickled carrots, jalapenos and onions which were pretty darn good. What impressed me most about this place was not just the low price of their food, but the service and the style of the restaurant.
It has that semi dark, fancy look like Outback Steakhouse, which pictures of all the Chula Vista little league and high school football and baseball teams, so it has a local twist. So I guess I was happy to get all this for just $ 9.95, which is about as much as Id pay at a fast food restaurant for a processed meal everyones heard about 10,000 times on television already.
This is definitely a place Ill be going back to and eating at again. They have a few other things Id like to try like their enchilada plate. Anyway my class here starts pretty soon, Ill let you know how the first class went. By the way the class this month is Introduction To Psychopathology which is sometimes called Abnormal Psychology. I imagine Im in for a fun month in November.

Let Brian Garvin teach you more about Casa Don Diego Restaurant on my personal blog.

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