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The island Santorini

The island Santorini
The island Santorini was named after St. Irene – a fourth century Christian who was martyred on the island – by the venetians. Firstly, its name was Kallisti, Strogylli, and Thira before Santorini name.


Records of the island’s history indicate that its first inhabitants were the Pre-hellenistic in the Bronze Age. Then followed the Phoenicians, the Dorians, and the Minoans. This made this beautiful island to be the center of the great Minoan civilization. In this era, the Minoan Settlement of Akrotiri was developed, which later came to be referred to as the Lost Continent of Atlantis.


Thira was the name given to the Island by the Spartan King, Thiras, who introduced the Spartan way of life to the island. The Spartans lost but then regained rule over the island in the Persian War. It later came under Roman Empire. As Christianity spread, it significantly affected the history of the island. In the year 1452, the Santorini Volcano erupted leading to the emergence of the island of Palea Kameni and changed the shape of the Santorini Caldera.


On Santorini, there are wonderful beaches, impressive ancient sites and traditionally-built villages. But the Island is mostly celebrated for its beautiful Caldera and the view of the sunset. Thousands of tourists flock on the island each year to admire the golden sunset and to take photographs this magnificent phenomenon.


One of the main attractions to this island is the scrumptious dishes of the famed Santorini cuisine. The popular delicacies are fava which is a lentil dip with onion and lemon, tomato rolls, squash balls and a plethora of fresh fish dishes. One of the stars of island’s cuisine is wine. There are three different categories of Santorini wine and they are athyri, asyrtico and aidani. The wines have a unique taste due to the volcanic characteristics of the island’s soil.


Architecture is unique. The houses are carved into the cliffs, making small white caves that are cool in the summer and pleasantly warm in winter season. The island’s architecture is defined by manors and beautiful churches. The Cathedrals in Fira are stunning, and there are also many small stylish churches built throughout the island. Fira and Oia are home to some vey wonderful museums that display artifacts from the archaeological explorations in the Akrotiri site and Ancient Thira.


Santori tourism offers a unique venue to experience rich culture, history, cuisine and sunny beaches since the weather during summer is splendid. This island has so much to offer making it one of the most desired tourism destinations. Transport and accommodation in the island offer value for money. Treat yourself in Greece by enjoying Santori Tourism.

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