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Barack Obama vs Ralph Nader in a Debate?

Barack Obama vs Ralph Nader in a Debate?

Ralph Nader has challenged Barack Obama to stand up for what he believes in and call injustices on to the carpet. Barack Obama is cruising along trying to be all things to all people , without taking a hard stance on anything, well except NAFTA, which he said he deplores. In a debate with Hilary Clinton, Obama made a huge mistake and no one seemed to call him on it. When discussing NAFTA he said; We are shipping jobs ‘overseas’ because of NAFTA, well actually that is not true.

You see, NAFTA stands for North America Free Trade Agreement, note the operative words “North America” and last time I checked you do not have to cross any oceans, “seas” to get there. Yet, this mistake makes me wonder if he even understands how NAFTA works, why it is important and how free trade works. I bet in an economic debate with Ralph Nader, Obama would come out looking really foolish.

Ralph Nader, whether you agree with him or not has an extremely high IQ and the memory of an elephant. Barack is no match for Ralph Nader, who most likely cannot get more than 3% of the vote, but that indeed, maybe enough to sway the election anyway. One also has to wonder how long can Obama campaign and dodge the questions, before he says something that makes him look really silly, perhaps even less than intelligent and then the “build you up and burn you down” media has a field day with his personal character, like they did with other stars like Britney Spears, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton?

Michelle Obama also made a huge mistake and contradicted herself on the Larry King show, when he asked were you ready for personal attacks when you started this campaign. She said “No” and offered some platitudes and quotes of famous dead white men, then in the next question, similar to the first, she said she is always prepared before she does anything, considering all possible outcomes and potential traps.

These two issues between both Barack in the debate and Michelle Obama, who is a very nice lady, on the Larry King show, has placed doubts in my mind, whether they realize that they are running for the President of the United States of America and you have to know your stuff, and maintain perfect unity with your actions and your words. I foresee an incredible media backlash and I personally believe it hasn’t happened yet, because Barack Obama is spending millions of dollars of TV commercials, thanks to the money received from George Soros’ PAC.

These are my personal observations and opinions and I can back them up and am willing to debate Hilary, Barack, Ralph Nader or anyone else who challenges me. What I cannot understand is how someone can run for President of the United States of America, when they can’t or won’t?

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