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ralph lauren perfume is right scent for you

ralph lauren perfume is right scent for you

Ralph Lauren Perfume is one of the most widely recognized names in the fashion and perfume industries. From the very early days, Lauren had directed his fashions toward both men and women and has continued this trend with his distinctive perfumes, offering a range of outstanding fragrances for all occasions. His perfumes and colognes are sought after world-wide.

The fashion lines began in the early 1970s and his debut perfume ‘Lauren Perfume’ appeared in 1978. A floral scent, it was markedly feminine and elegant.

The 1970s are especially remembered for the styles of clothing, accessories and perfumes which appeared at that time; they were often “campy”, and are easily recognizable as typical of that era. Lauren’s approach was less influenced by the hippy culture of the day and was reminiscent of the elegance and style of the 40s. This proved to be insightful and began a trend for him which carried his work successfully into the following decades.

Lauren’s foray into perfumes gained momentum in the 90s, in particular with the release of Safari for Women (1990) which has many strong adherents who admire its blend of cedarwood, citrus, jasmine and rose.

He also developed the Polo brand for men with the 1994 release of Polo Sport Cologne, a masculine fragrance that drew upon bergamot, ginger, musk, lemon and rose for its fragrant notes.

A high point of the 90s was the release of Romance for Women (1998) a perfume especially suitable for evening wear. It also showed his preference for a floral scent in a woman’s perfume, blending rose, violet, ginger and musk.

The 2000s have seen many successful perfume and cologne releases, including Ralph for Women in 2001. This combined key floral fragrances with fruity ones to achieve an appealing feminine scent. It contains mandarin and apple tree leaves, along with yellow and purple freesia, magnolia, boronia, white orris, and musk.

In 2003 Lauren released two markedly feminine floral perfumes that are nonetheless distinctly different. These were Glamorous and Blue. Glamorous gained its appeal from a mixture of clementine, pear blossom, calla lily and Casablanca lily. On the other hand, Blue was refreshingly different, calling upon rose, gardenia, peony and musk. It is a lighter fragrance and is suitable for daytime wear.

2004 and 2005 continued the momentum with further releases, such as Cool, which tends to be fruitier with a touch of musk; Lauren Style, a more sensual scent that derives its fragrance from a blend of fruity scents with Bulgarian rose. It also includes nectarine, orange and tangerine blossoms, as well as lime.

The Ralph Lauren perfume range continues to grow in strength and even earlier releases, such as Safari (which had ceased production), have built up a following and demand for their continued sale.

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