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The Ralph Lauren Polo Line And Its Progression

The Ralph Lauren Polo Line And Its Progression
The Ralph Lauren Polo line of clothing began in 1967 with a small loan of 50,000. Ralph Lifschitz changed his last name to Lauren when he was just 16 years old. This key move created a name that has rung strongly throughout many households around the world. While the name Ralph Lauren is connected to many aspects of the clothing world, the Polo line of production is possibly the most well known branch.
A line of tailored suits for women was released in 1970 and were the first piece of clothing created by Ralph Lauren which bared the horse and rider emblem associated with the classic Polo shirts of today. This emblem wasnt added to the famous short sleeve shirts until two years later, when these popular mesh shirts came out in 24 amazing colors. Polo Ralph Lauren didnt become a public company until the summer of 1997. This is the same year that that same company was able to be traded on the stock market under the letters RL.
Polo shirts became a huge part of the preppy scene in the 1980s and have continued to be a popular addition to most wardrobes. There are plenty of knock-offs created in a similar style, but its hard to match the quality and feel of an authentic Polo shirt. These particular shirts are available for men, women, and children.
The Polo name has also been added to a line of jeans as well as a collection of clothing for avid golfers and sportswear that is used to raise money for charity. This charity line of sportswear gives a portion of its proceeds to research for cancer and is distinguishable from other Ralph Lauren Polo products by the pink Polo pony visible on each item. Ralph Lauren has definitely made a name for himself and continues to offer excellent clothing for each generation

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