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Infrastructure Failure Of Ralph Gonsalves

Infrastructure Failure Of Ralph Gonsalves
The failure of infrastructure in St. Vincent and Grenadines is probably the single biggest failure of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. He got a second year term, which is often the turning point for administrations. Successful governments have often started work in the first five years and then got re-elected to build up on the foundation that they had created. In the case of Ralph, it was the opposite. He did some good work in his first reign, a promise that the Vincentians trusted in. However, they were deceived big time! After winning the elections again in 2005, Ralph Gonsalves personality took over. Allegations of sexual assault as dated as 2003 surfaced, throwing his entire credibility up for a toss. In terms of infrastructure, there was little progress done. The last official records of roads being built date back to 1996!
The lack of proper roads have hit where it hurts most. St. Vincent and Grenadines was known to be a tourist destination for honeymoon couples. But things started to slide when there was little progress made in the infrastructure. The tourists preferred to stay away from a country where they didnt have proper roads or security. People were often subjected to harassment by the police. The representatives of the Ralph Gonsalves administration knew in their minds that they can get away with anything. After all, when the Prime Minister himself was not even charged with a case despite a policewoman testifying before the Chief Magistrate that she was raped by Ralph, his political aides can expect and even demand leniency. There is no doubt in the fact that when the corruption in the administration is so deep-seated, progress is the last thing that citizens expect.
The lack of proper roads has not just affected the tourism business. Farmers living in rural areas have to take their produce from their plantations to the docks and harbors. When they are moving fragile produces like bananas, they have a nightmarish time because of the roads. It also adds to the costs that they incur. Trade and commerce will surely be hit badly when the infrastructure is not in place. Ralph Gonsalves has often misappropriated the taxpayers money. Where the fund money got misplaced, people are not aware. There is generally no investigation made. There cannot be an independent enquiry about any cases that talk of corruption in the government. The reason is that the judiciary wing is strictly under Ralph Gonsalves.
The progress of the Vincentians is the last thing on the mind of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. He is concerned about living life king size, while fellow Vincentians struggle to make both ends meet. The inflated prices and lack of jobs are other areas where Ralph has failed his countrymen. With an unemployment percentage of 22%, one cannot really expect the country to earn much in terms of revenue. There is hardly any foreign exchange money rolling in. The situation couldnt have looked bleaker. Now its up to the citizens of St. Vincent and Grenadines to decide on their future.

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